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Where We Stand

Rose Burton, HomeStretch Executive Director

Rose Burton, HomeStretch Executive DirectorHave you heard our voices? Area nonprofit agencies that aim to help homeless families in North Fulton tirelessly advocate for affordable housing in our community. Which means we stand together. This month, I’d like to take a moment to share why this is important.

In our area, high-end development is on the rise. Meanwhile, the local inventory of affordable housing is rapidly disappearing. Rents are steadily increasing but wages are not. The result of this is twofold: increased homelessness that in turn creates economic tension for local businesses. Displaced workforce families in our area often leave their jobs, placing the strain of turnover and vacancies on employers. Overall, the households who struggle to sustain housing in North Fulton are a critical part of the local economy.

HomeStretch and the North Fulton Homelessness and Housing partners work hard to help these families get back on their feet and to advocate for more permanent solutions. Which leads me to ask: will you stand with us? Help us spread the word so others can hear our collective voices and understand that affordable housing is good for businesses, for families, and ultimately, for all of us. — Rose Burton, Executive Director

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