q A Note From Our 2016-17 Board President – HomeStretch

A Note From Our 2016-17 Board President

Kurt Hilbert

Kurt Hilbert“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

I am honored to serve as the HomeStretch Board President for the coming year! Thank you to Greg Solheim, outgoing Board President, for his efforts to further solidify and expand HomeStretch. You led us well and we are so glad that you will continue to serve in a leadership role within our organization.

As we look toward the coming year, we are committed to work together to achieve several goals for the common good of those we serve. Areas of focus will be:

  • Nurture and grow relationships with current partners in the community.
  • Leverage volunteer time and talent in planning and executing fundraising activities.
  • Encourage new and innovative dialogue and interaction with local businesses to improve employment for our families.
  • Align our constituents to promote teamwork in problem solving.
  • Ensure solid operations enabling continued growth to meet low-income, affordable housing needs in our community.

We have our goals, but we cannot achieve them without you. The full-time HomeStretch staff is lean and for this reason, we rely on volunteers to help deliver on our mission. There are ways for anyone to contribute. Together, we review your interests, expertise, and availability to find the right fit for you. We welcome volunteers for an afternoon, a week, or a year; we are only looking for a passion for doing good works.

To that end, I will be calling on you to get involved with our programs, events, and fundraising as well as to supplement the time given by our long-time volunteers. Everyone has something exceptional to contribute. I believe each person has “unique ability” – that one thing they do better than anyone else. HomeStretch needs your talents, gifts, and resources to make 2016-2017 a year to remember.

I look forward to serving and celebrating HomeStretch, assisting Rose Burton, our Executive Director, and the staff to ensure that our families achieve their dreams. Through their hard work and our support, love, and service, this is a goal within reach. We cannot measure ourselves nor our successes by what we get. Rather, the true measure must be by what we give. I look forward to a successful year.

Sincerely yours,

Kurt Hilbert
2016-17 Board President

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