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Eligibility criteria for the HomeStretch Supportive Housing programs:


Single mother, father, married couple or legal guardian of at least one minor child.


An individual for whom a W-2 is issued by an employer who is classified as full-time and works a minimum of 35 hours per week.


An individual who lives, works, or has children at a school in the North Fulton Community.

hannah's story

Our Programs

Hannah’s  family is making great strides towards transitioning out of HomeStretch by December 2024. She has boosted her income from $15 to $20 per hour and significantly reduced her $158k medical debt by 63%. She’s also become a valued member of her community, providing after-school childcare support. Both sons are progressing well academically and in sports, with targeted interventions in place to ensure continued success. With diagnoses of learning disabilities, they are now performing at grade level. With clear family roles and rules, they’re moving forward positively with the help of HomeStretch.

As shown through Hannah’s story, HomeStretch uses the 2Gen approach to support children and adults in their lives together through providing affordable housing. 

our programs

Supportive housing

The HomeStretch supportive housing program accommodates up to 23 families for up to 2 years. The program provides comprehensive wrap around services and partners with families to help them co-invest in themselves and their children. Working collaboratively with our Program team,  participants’ needs are identified and assessed, constraints are recognized and surmounted, and goals are created and tracked. These goals include moving closer to living wage employment, savings 3 months of living expenses, achieving a minimum 680-credit score, and acquiring permanent housing. Our holistic approach recognizes that clients are the experts of their own life. We aim to educate, uplift and motivate our clients to drive true and lasting generational change. When clients transition, they are prepared to acquire and sustain housing. 

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Affordable housing

The HomeStretch Affordable housing program accommodates up to 16 families for up to 3 years. The program provides below market rate housing to individuals in need of affordable housing options. Participants are provided with a Client Advisor to assess where they are, and hone in on the areas that require support to prepare them for renting at market rate. The coaching centers around key areas; education, career advancement, economic and family stability. Our goal is to provide participants with the additional time, tools and resources needed to support them in their efforts to gain self-sufficiency. When a client transitions, they are prepared to rent at market rate and or purchase a home. 

our programs

youth services

The goals of the HomeStretch Youth Programs are to collaborate with our parents to improve our participants academic performance, reduce risky behaviors and ensure healthy social emotional development. HomeStretch provides a variety of programs for the Youth on our campus including homework and tutoring assistance, life skills development, school break activities and summer programming to mitigate summer learning losses. 

The focus for the children and youth programs is for them to thrive academically and experience success in life.  

Program details

Eligibility Requirements
Application Process
Program Participation

The Affordable and Supportive Housing Programs are designed for participants that have desire to achieve upward mobility and move closer to economic independence. The minimum requirements for eligibility are: 

  1. Participant must be homeless or eminently homeless

  2. Must have requested identification documents

  3. Must have custody of at least 1 minor child

  4. Must meet HUD income requirements 

  5. Must have ties to North Fulton County

  1. Prescreening: Begin by completing prescreening questions on our website to determine eligibility (scroll down to complete the screening form)

  2. Application Submission: Upon confirmation of eligibility, applicants are directed to the application process. Applications are shared when units are available and should be promptly completed upon receipt.

  3. Review Process: Completed applications are reviewed within 48 business hours by our Program Team. Applicants may be contacted to submit identification verification and other required documents.

  4. Interview: Successful applicants proceed to an in-person interview after completing necessary documentation and undergoing an assessment, drug and background screening. There are multiple applicants for each unit. The Program Team selects applicants based on need and their motivation to fully engage in the rigorous program.

  5. Acceptance Notification: Within 24 business hours post-interview, applicants are notified of their acceptance into the program. They are provided with a program participation agreement detailing requirements.

  6. Agreement Signing: Upon agreement signing, families are given a move-in date. Our Program Team is dedicated to empowering participants to transition successfully to market rate housing, focusing on integrity and open communication throughout. If our program isn't suitable, we assist in identifying alternative options.

  • Maintain full-time employment
  • Fully engaged and abide by all requirements as outlined in the Program Participation Agreement inclusive of, but not limited to:
    • Maintaining full-time employment
    • Ongoing meetings with the Financial and Case Advisement Team
    • Provide requested documents including, but not limited to, bank statements, credit reports, and pay stubs.
    • Attend bi-monthly life skills classes
    • Set SMART goals and work towards achieving them.

How to Apply

If you or someone you know meets the criteria, you/they should:

  • Complete the screening questionaire below
  • Call 770-642-9185 Extension 112

Additional assistance may be available to you and your family from these organizations.

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We strive to be a safe haven support to families in need. Apply now to access a nurturing environment where you can rebuild and thrive.

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