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HomeStretch originated in 1991 when volunteers at the local North Fulton Community Charities recognized the pressing need for affordable housing in the North Fulton area. As the number of at-risk families seeking housing assistance increased, the charities found themselves limited to providing only emergency, short-term aid.

Today, our agency oversees and maintains 39 single-family residences. With a team of trained human services professionals dedicated to supporting families, and the commitment of over 400 compassionate HomeStretch Hero's (volunteers), we strive to ensure the success of our clients.

through the years

1989The HELPFUL group was formed and secured the donated houses.
1991Members of the church formed a task force to explore the housing crisis in the NFCC
1991North Fulton Housing Initiative was founded by North Fulton Community Charities, forming a volunteer ministry
1993HomeStretch was founded and managed 5 families in 5 residences
1993HomeStretch was incorporated as Housing Initiative of North Fulton
1993The North Fulton County Housing Initiative increased it inventory from 3 to 5 houses
1994HomeStretch hired its first full-time Family Coordinator, Ingrid MacDonald
1996Acquired 3 units in East Roswell
1997Acquired 3 properties in North and East Roswell
2000Homestretch is named one of the “Top 100 Community Housing Organizations” in the U.S.
2004Acquired 3 properties in East Roswell
2005Acquired 2 properties in North and East Roswell
2007Acquired 1 property in East Roswell
2008Acquired 3 units in North Roswell
2009Homestretch received the Quality Enhancement Standards & Support Training accreditation
2015Acquired 1 building with 8 units in South Roswell
2018Recognized with GA House Resolution 1515 for 25 years of service
2020Acquired 1 property in East Roswell
2024HomeStretch hires new Executive Director, changing to an outcomes based programming model
2025HomeStretch rebranded changing and updating its logo, mission, vision and brand values.

Our Program Model

Grounded in a decade of research and development, the HomeStretch Program Model is dedicated to providing a comprehensive pathway out of poverty.

Central to our approach is the Empath Mobility Mentoring Model™, which embodies our commitment to partnering with participants to acquire the resources, skills, and sustained behavior changes needed for economic independence. This model comprises four essential elements:

Mobility Mentoring Essential elements

Coaching for
Economic Mobility

Our Mobility Mentors engage in participant-directed, one-on-one partnerships, empowering individuals to strengthen decision-making, persistence, and resilience. Acting as 'human scaffolding,' our mentors build essential skills and mindsets for overcoming the complexities of poverty.

The Bridge to

Developed based on brain science insights into toxic stress, the Bridge serves as both a framework and an assessment tool, guiding participants on their journey toward economic self-sufficiency.

Goal Setting

Utilizing the Bridge as a blueprint, participants define their own goals. Mentors provide support in prioritizing objectives, strategizing around potential barriers, and exploring additional resources. Through encouragement and reflection, participants progress up the Bridge, moving closer to self-sufficiency with each achievement.


We celebrate and acknowledge participants' efforts and accomplishments, fostering a culture of support and motivation. Recognition may take various forms, including celebrations, certificates, messages of encouragement, or earned incentives.

our team

Cheryl Carter

executive director

A results-oriented administrator with over 40 years of executive level experience in the development growth and leadership of not-for-profit organizations. Ms. Carter possesses solid capabilities in outcomes-based program development, fundraising, event production, media relations, market research, public/private partnership development and public speaking. Cheryl’s passion lies in creating programs that empower individuals to overcome poverty.

Cheryl has served on the Board of Directors for various nonprofit organizations and has received prestigious awards for her community leadership and professional contributions. Before her nonprofit career, she served in the US Army’s 103rd Military Intelligence Division, earning recognition for her service.

Cheryl holds degrees in Business Administration Management and Human Services Management, and she resides in Grayson with her husband Drew, an entertainer. They have three successful adult children and a high school senior.


Monica Brown

Program Resources Manager 


Deborah Kennedy

Business Manager


Max Myers

Facilities Manager

Cristina Patten

Development Manager

Raven Whavers

Lead Client Services Advisor


Christopher Ambrose

Youth & Family Client Services Advisor


Kenneth Allen

Board president

Kenneth Allen, a seasoned Business Development Executive at Oracle Corporation, brings over three decades of solution sales expertise honed through roles at IBM, Unisys, HP, and now Oracle. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Oracle is a leading multinational computer technology corporation specializing in enterprise software and cloud computing solutions.

Kenneth’s journey began with a BSBA in Accounting from Western Carolina University in 1982, followed by an MBA in Accounting from Kennesaw State University in 1987. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kenneth is deeply engaged in his community. He serves as a Deacon at Zion Missionary Baptist Church and has contributed to his alma mater’s Alumni Board at Western Carolina University.

Additionally, Kenneth actively participates in the Kairos Prison Ministry and has dedicated years to coaching youth football teams like the Roswell Rec and Roswell Jr Hornets. His personal life is enriched by his marriage to Ina Allen, also an alumna of Western Carolina University, and their family, which includes three sons – Joshua, Jordan, and Zachariah – and five beloved grandchildren.

Board of Directors

Robert W. Hagan

President Emeritus

Lee Hollingsworth

Vice President

Jim Taylor


tony kirk


Lynn Adcock

Board Member

Stephen Clausen

Board Member

Will Colley

Board Member

Nanette Gregory

Board Member

Lorraine Head

Board Member

Robert Perry Jarrell

Board Member

Meg Lamb

Board Member

Gordon Owens

Board Member

Gregory Roth

Board Member

Jim Savage

Board Member

Greg Solheim

Board Member

David White

Board Member

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